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Douro Asset LLC

Helping our Members to grow, protect and pass their financial assets on to the next generations.

Past performance is not a guide to current and future performance.

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DOURO is also the given name for the mind blowing river crossing northern Portugal, origin of noble wines highly appreciated all across the world.

Douro Asset LLC is an asset management legal entity incorporated by financial market professionals that have been helping investors to tap directly into the long-term growth potential of the USA large cap stocks since 2016. The trust focuses on attractively valued, high quality stocks with the ability to generate growing returns. Our portfolio is based on discretionary type of mandates, meaning we can take decisions as we deem to be the most appropriate.

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We serve private clients, families and institutions, enabling them to associate with a tax-efficient investment vehicle which is naturally and easily handed over on to their beneficiaries.

This trust considers financially material Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in investment analysis and investment decisions, with the goal of enhancing long-term, risk-adjusted financial returns.

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