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Find below the answers to topics you may be curious about, and feel free to get in touch in case your issue was not sorted.

  1. Active Management
    Active Management is actually one amongst the many tactics deployed by investment managers. By handling his portfolio under this type of script, our analysts can observe and take advantage of small trends, eventually preventing our portfolio from losses out of market corrections.


  2. Wealth Succession
    Douro Asset is an investment vehicle registered as a Limited Liability Company governed by its Operating Agreement, on which all Beneficiaries must be listed in. Once the Beneficiaries take part of our Operating Agreement, in case anything happen to the Investor, his position is automatically owned by its Beneficiaries, without any sort of hassle or extra work.


  3. Tax-Efficiency
    Douro Asset is registered in Delaware, USA, and once using the investment structures we have in place, all the capital gains collected by the firm, in Delaware, can grow tax free. By becoming one of our firm's investment members, your stake is also following the same criteria.


  4. Risk profile
    This is a risky investment and your capital is at risk! You will become an Investor Member but not a Shareholder of the company. Your gains will be conditioned to the performance of our investments, but not to the valuation of the company. You will not be at risk of anything beyond your capital. Your risk is capped by the capital amount you have invested, nothing beyond. Past performance is not a guide to current and future performance.


  5. Portfolio Management
    The assets are chosen by our investment managers and matched to each individual investor profile. We are always open to learn from our Investor Members, but in the end, the Managers can take discretionary decisions in regards to adjusting the portfolio exposure and liquidity measures.


  6. Reporting
    Our reports are delivered on a quarterly basis directly into our Investor Members email box.


  7. Funding Route 
    Funds can flow through regular bank-transfer tools from your preferred bank, and the instructions are detailed in the section called "Funding Route" (access open only for Investor Members).


  8. Charges
    The charges to support this business are straight forward and easy to understand. As an Investor Member you would be charged in 1% upon deposits, 1% upon withdrawals, and 1% per year upon your balance.


  9. Balances
    You can top up your account with an initial investment of 5,000 USD, with incremental deposits of no less than 1,000 USD.


  10. Counterparties
    We bank through Wise (formerly Transferwise); Our trades take place through Charles Schwab platform; The financial instruments we use are mainly issued by the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange - all of them are based here in the United States of America.

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