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How to Invest

Douro Asset is a limited liability company incorporated in Delaware (USA) and established with the specific purpose of managing its members capital.

Past performance is not a guide to current and future performance.

Active Management

Tax Efficiency

Succession Plan

Our Members can choose among two capital risk profiles:


The first portfolio is based on attractively valued, high quality stocks from USA equity listed market with the ability to generate consistent and growing dividends, whilst the latter is a combination of the first, allied with exposures in USA sovereign bonds - equally positioned.

Both are 100% actively managed and come with tax-efficiency and succession planning, as default.

Historical figures are reassuring as far as returns are concerned with yields between 0.50% and 1% per month, on average, since our inception in 2016. Nevertheless, as past performance never can be taken for granted, and especially considering the derivatives and leverage instruments taken into the portfolio during the execution of our strategies, the capital under management can observe negative results.

This trust considers financially material Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in investment analysis and investment decisions, with the goal of enhancing long-term, risk-adjusted financial returns.

Anyone can take part on it as an Investor Member. The risk you take is limited to the capital you invest - nothing beyond that. Cashing in is allowed at anytime, but cashing out only by the end of each quarter. Members contribute with 1% upon deposits and withdrawals, plus 1% per year on administrative matters.

All of our Members capital accounts are immediately attended with:

- Active management
- Succession planning
- Tax-efficiency

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